Fugitive Emissions Management For Logging Companies

29 January 2018
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Fugitive emissions are the gases or vapors that leak from equipment or are released into the air that cause air pollution. Given the beautiful and all-natural landscape of most of Canada, it stands to reason that these emissions are regulated, and any fugitive emissions must be managed. Fugitive emissions management for logging companies looks something like this.

Cleaner Burning Fuels or Eco-Friendly Bio-Fuels for Logging Vehicles

Cranes, logging haulers, and tree removers typically operate on gas or diesel. While diesel is more efficient, it often produces a greater amount of fuel emissions. These machines use a lot of lubricants that burn and cause more fugitive emissions. Thankfully, you can correct these issues by using cleaner-burning bio-fuels and/or using electric-powered only logging machines.

Gas Leak Imaging Cameras

If you are not sure your equipment has a gas leak (or some other type of poisonous air leak), you can use gas leak imaging cameras. They will show you which machines have a problem and exactly where the machines need repair to stop the fugitive emissions. If you cannot get your hands on a gas leak imaging camera, take your logging vehicle to the nearest department of transportation, where a department officer can examine the vehicle with an imaging camera. The only downside to doing so is that he or she will tell you that you need to fix this right away or face a stiff fine.

Scrubbers for Paper Mills

When a lot of the wood your logging company has harvested goes to paper mills, the paper mills will need to use smokestack scrubbers. The scrubbers prevent a lot of the smoke from heading into the air via the smoke towers. Their contribution to this industry is just as important a step in logging as choosing to use logging machines that do not use gas or diesel as fuel.

Emissions Monitors for All Machines and Smokestacks Involved

Another part of fugitive emissions management for logging and wood processing companies is the use of emissions monitors. Similar to the monitors installed in cars and passenger trucks, these monitors alert you (at the logging camps) and the paper and wood processing mills of emissions that are just too high. This means that the emissions have to be decreased either by shutting down for a while or by repairing the equipment that seems to have a leak. Different models are available for the mills and for logging camp equipment and machines.